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AIDUCE alerts MEPS: don’t turn vapers back to tobacco!

AIDUCE has written to all 766 MEPs to warn them that the proposal to classify electronic cigarettes as medicines will effectively eliminate from the market the major part of what makes them attractive to smokers.

As a result, hundreds of thousands of European vapers would return to tobacco and tens of millions of smokers would be discouraged from discovering in the electronic cigarette an alternative that, according to the French Office against Tobacco Addiction (OFT), is far less dangerous.

AIDUCE informed the MEPs that its petition in defence of the electronic cigarette as a consumer product has collected more than 33,000 signatures from French speakers.

The Association reminded MEPs that medical classification of electronic cigarettes would be illegal, as pointed out by the Parliament’s own JURI Committee and by many legal experts such as Sir Francis Jacobs QC, the former Advocate General at the Court of Justice of the EU.

Should this proposal be approved by the full Parliament and by the EU Council, the ensuing legislation would be therefore both liberticidal and contrary to the interest of public health. It would be challenged by AIDUCE in national and European Courts.

An updated version of the report previously sent to ENVI committee members accompanied the letter.

To read the report (english pdf), please click here.

Rappel pour les francophones : la version française du rapport se trouve dans l’article « Aiduce Le mag’ – Hors-série N°1 ».

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5 commentaires sur “The latest news in English (L’essentiel des actualités en anglais)
  1. Zaz38 dit :

    Very happy to see that the MEP’s are now up to date about e-cig.
    (If they have read the letter of course)

  2. avalonne dit :

    great job ! other countries have to know that french people are united against the European project

  3. Petri dit :

    Excellent report!

  4. béavapote dit :

    Thanks to AIDUCE to have alerted MEPs with your wonderful report.

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